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H¸w “Grill Station”

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Our founder created the concept of 'Ilayil Alpam Karyam', which is about preparing food dishes in banana leaves. This process of cooking food in banana leaves gives a special flavor and aroma to the food. Pothi Choru is one of our most prominent dishes prepared under this category. All types of Biryani are prepared in banana leaf, which is known as Kizhi Biryani. Varieties in Kizhi Biryani include Mutton, Beef, Chicken and Fish. Other dishes include Kizhi parotta, Kappa kizhi, beef kizhi, and so on. The name ‘Ilayil Alpam Karyam’ itself points out the benefits of the banana leaf. When a food is cooked in a banana leaf, the chlorophyll contained in it can assist
with the detoxification of blood, the suppression of odours, wound healing, gut health,
energy, support for the immune system and cancer prevention.

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